The Life Enjoyed Banner Program Proposal


GO-EDC has proposed a “Life Enjoyed” banner program since 2011.  We believe there should be two [2] permanent 
8’ X 16’ signs right on the I-88 right of way, one coming from the east before exit #16 and one coming from the west 
prior to exit #13.  Also, we need to find people willing to purchase a banner and then to display them all over the Greater 
Oneonta Community.   There should be a two-sided banner across Main Street throughout the 5 month period; perhaps 

year round.  The sports field houses at Hartwick College and Oneonta State should display them on the side of their
 main entrances.  Perhaps the Village of Cooperstown would be willing to reciprocate with the City of Oneonta by cross 
marketing each other.  There should be one on the side of the Performing Arts Center, back-to-back banners above the 
grandstand at Damaschke Field.  Private businesses and developers along major transportation routes in and around 
Oneonta should buy one and display them with pride in places like Rt. #23-28 Southside at either Hannaford or Home 
Depot and others.  Banners should be displayed on high visibility buildings at Rt, #7 entrances.  Every effort should be 
made to establish 2-way banner display sites along Rt. 28 leading to and from Cooperstown.  It would also be wise to 
have banners placed on Rt #28 in Otsego County near Richfield Springs.


The idea was advanced as a brand building initiative to grow awareness of Oneonta before the estimated ½ million 
visitors to the area during the annual 5 month summer high travel period, many drawn here because of Cooperstown 
and baseball.  Cooperstown business and public leaders who network with the traveling community continue to report 
that a majority of travelers to the Village still do not know Oneonta exists.  In that GO-EDC’s mission is to grow commerce 
within the footprint of the City and Town of Oneonta and when a majority of travelers are not aware of Oneonta and what 
it has to offer, that can’t be good for business.  It’s not good for Cooperstown and Otsego County, either.  Being able to 
retain more travelers in Oneonta means more travel revenue, more sales tax revenue and more lodging tax revenue.  For 
each family of 4 that stay over night in Oneonta means at least $300 in new travel revenue.


The City and Town of Oneonta and private local developers need to lead on this.  The Oneonta Town code enforcement 
officer has deemed the banners as “a non commercial municipal display” not requiring a permit.  Perhaps we can get the 
Towns of Milford and Richfield Springs to approve locations in those jurisdictions, undertanding that “as commerce grows 
in Oneonta, those Towns will also benefit. 


In early 2011, Prolifiq Sign Studios here in Oneonta donated the “Life Enjoyed” banner artwork, which was since updated 
by Village Printers.  Three banners were ordered at that time and installed that spring; two along I-88 and one at the 
Oneonta Airport. 


There are 4 banner sizes available:

                        *            10’x20’ printed 1 side                           $650.00 ea

                        *            8’x16’       “       “    “                                   500.00 ea

                        *            6’x12’       “       “    “                                   350.00 ea

                        *            4’x8’         “       “    “                                   200.00 ea


Note:   10’x20’ sizes are recommended along roadways with 65 mph speeds; 8’x16’ along 55 mph roads with smaller 
sizes appropriate along pedestrians lanes.