Dear Area Leader,  GO-EDC's  next meeting is our "300 in 3 challenge";  Can 300 full-time, good paying, new jobs be realized in Oneonta within 3 years by 2018?  The meeting is set for Wednesday, July 30th, 4:00 PM at Oneonta's Hampton Innon River Street.  Put it in your book!  Also, the following link is a 15 question survey from which your answers will help us to frame the discussion for the 30th.  These are very important questions surrounding the notion of growing area jobs.  There's no time to waste with only 10 days until the meeting, so your earliest possible response is critical; the survey should take you no more than 3 minutes.  So, fill out and submit the confidential survey, then plan on attending the "300 in 3 challenge" meeting.  Thank you for you interest in growing good paying jobs, thereby boosting the economy and overall standard of living of our area.  Sincerely, Bill Shue and Al Colone for GO-EDC


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